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Heypuchypuchy1223 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
plos1299 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Watch me i watch back :)
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DJ-Ben-Drowned Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
:iconcryforeverplz::iconsaysplz: o noez!!!111!!111oneone i-i-i-it's-!
:iconspodermanplz::iconsaysplz: its spoderman
:iconmother-of-godplz::iconsaysplz: get outta hea will ya1?!!/!1?! im tryna b dramatick
:iconspodermanplz::iconsaysplz: o ur no fun
:iconcryforeverplz::iconsaysplz: AHEM...  i-it's--!
:iconover9000-plz::iconsaysplz: IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!
:iconfliptableplz::iconsaysplz: o fuk dis sheet i quit
:iconspodermanplz::iconsaysplz: o dont b an fagit
Marshmallow-Bunnii Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014   Writer
Hey Sexy :iconlazeplz:
I see that your actually reading this :iconlazywaveplz:
Now let's chat :iconnipplelazeplz:
I'm one sexy cat named Laze :iconlazeflirtplz:

If you've been around on many laze accounts...:iconlazyallofusplz::iconlazyallofusplz:
you would know that this is a new laze-attack :iconbunnylazeplz: 

LAZE PART 2, BABY :iconprettylazeplz:

So welcome back to my lazylove :iconaurora-1990:
How are you, bby? :iconlazyroseplz: 
I've been missing you :iconlazepoolplz:
Here's a poem I made for you :iconlazewaveplz:

fuck all those other cats:iconlazythrowplz::iconcatkickplz: :iconlazeoverkillplz:
u only need me  :iconlazymacho2plz:
never leave me  :iconlazyweepplz:
Can you promise me that you'll love me? :iconmy-llamatrade:
a lot, and not a little :iconlazerotateplz: 
the thing is...:iconstandbylazeplz: 
that...I'll always know that.. :iconlaze2plz: 
you will always love me  :iconkawaiilazeplz:

Was that pretty for you? :iconcoollazeplz:
Now for some roleplay about our MARRIAGE life :iconlazycryheartplz:
:iconsaysplz: Ready for bed, babe? :iconlazyinviteplz:
and you gonna be like
:iconsaysplz: Of course I am :iconlazysmplz:
I'll be in charge tonight, but it'll cost ya :iconbralazeplz:
Was that a sexy image in your head?
How embarrasing :iconlazyblushplz::iconlazyblush2plz: tehehehe<33

:iconangrylazeplz: Now I have a question :iconangrylazeplz:
Why are you still reading this  :iconlazypoolplz:
You don't want to be :iconrudelazeplz:?
OR :iconlazyshyplz:
DO YOU LOVE ME :iconlazyrainbowplz:

Mindfuck? :iconlazysurfplz:
At least you don't have to go around looking for somethin to say :iconlazingplz:
This is tiring  :icontoolazyplz:
Love you bby :iconlazeflirtplz:
Don't fall for those copy-cats :iconlazyyaranaikaplz: :iconlazyflipplz:

:iconlazywaveplz: ByeBye Babe<33

v-anillie Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
ravenoftheclans Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconlazeflirtplz::iconsaysplz: Hey there...
:iconfallenfrodo::iconsaysplz: :O_o: Hi?
:iconlazyshyplz::iconsaysplz: Wanna see my pecock?

:iconlazydanceplz::iconsaysplz: Cause I could show you.:iconlazedicksplz:
:iconfallenfrodo::iconsaysplz: NOOO!! :icononoesplz:
:iconlazyinviteplz::iconsaysplz: You sure? I could make you feel nice!:iconlazehumpplz: REAAAAAAAL NIIIIIIICE!
:iconfallenfrodo::iconsaysplz: :iconimgonnakillyouplz::iconknifeplz::iconlazystabplz:
:iconlazybloodplz: :iconsaysplz: HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!
:iconfallenfrodo: :iconsaysplz: YOU'RE A PEDOPHILE CAT! and if you live, i'm calling the cops!
:iconlazydieplz::iconsaysplz: Ok, then, I'm dead.
:iconfallenfrodo::iconsaysplz::iconrunplz: MOMMY!!!!
:iconlazywaveplz::iconsaysplz: KTHXBI!
CivetDog Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dragons-Stuff Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
mochi-ru Featured By Owner May 6, 2014   Digital Artist
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